What We Offer

Delivery & Redelivery Inspections

  • Thorough aircraft airworthiness status review
  • Aircraft physical inspections
  • Preparation of delivery binders
  • End-of-lease major check supervision

Lease Mid-term Audits

  • As part of lessor asset management, we perform Annual or Mid-Term audits.
  • We perform records review and thorough aircraft physical inspections and thereafter provide detailed reports.

Aircraft Pre-purchase Support

  • Thorough physical inspections
  • In-depth records review
  • Buyer and seller due diligence performance
  • If in Kenya, we shall assist in registering your aircraft.

Engineering Support

  • Maintenance Programs preparation & Review
  • MELs preparation and Review
  • Dent & Buckle charts
  • preparation and Review
  • Updating of Electrical Load Analysis
  • Representation during 3rd party maintenance projects
  • Reliability Monitoring Systems

Technical Records Management

  • Are your records out of control or difficult to manage?
  • We offer offsite Technical Records archiving while ensuring that these records are digitised and properly indexed for quick, 24-7 access.
  • We review your technical records at delivery, and thereafter manage them for you for easy lease transitions.
  • We ensure you are able to accurately maintain back to birth traceability of your life-limited time components.
  • We maintain an accurate status of your aircraft’s structural repairs.
  • We offer periodic reviews and audits of your technical records to ensure accuracy at all times.

Parts Support

  • Regional Logistics
  • Parts sourcing and brokerage

Quality & Safety Management

  • Performing independent organisational quality and safety Audits

General Aviation Aircraft Management

  • Maintenance Management for General Aviation aircraft.
  • Cost analysis and management

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